Ressam / Sanatçı / Yaratıcı Girişimci

TECHNIQUE: The original image created on 100*60cm canvas with oils and acrylic. Than glamorous digital manipulation added.


STORY: This image poped up in the beginning months of pandemic in 2020 when all world in their homes and nature and all spices are were by their own without the distruption of men. And we first saw dolphins on the sea shores of the cities, in Chine the children first time saw the blue sky. Gaia who is our mother refreshed herself. We need to know that we are one with gaia and we cannot live without the health of her.


NOTE : The physical fineart paper print of this NFT will be delivered to the address of the NFT collector

Price is in Etherium


  • İnsanoğlu doğanın efendisi değil, doğanın bir parçasıdır.

    Humanbeing is not the master of nature but the part of it.

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Ressam /Sanatçı / Yaratıcı Girişimci

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