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MY ONLY AIM IS TO BE POSITIVE AND HONEST I'll be very frankly honest here. I am a touch person. I would like to perceive my world with five senses. I have to touch, smell, see. For this reason, I looked at the NFT world and the block chain system behind it for a long time with bias and timid eyes. As a human, I live with the dream of a world where the exchange of energy and love is a gift, where we are together in pure love. I imagine a world that art and business are in love.

I am an artist, business woman and light worker. Ever since I was born, I have felt that I am alone in this world and not belonging to this world. Until that breathtaking moment when I stepped into the Vatican Sistine Chapel during my trip to Rome. The smell and feelings of the moment where I stared at the paintings and sculptures on the walls for hours with great astonishment, admiration and envy are still vivid in my memory. But when I return to my ordinary life, I was waking up every day and trying to fit in the boxes, the way people wanted me to be in this world that I am a stranger to. This situation was very painful. I always wanted to paint and design. However, for many years my mind full of conditioning that an "ordinary" person like me could not understand art. I have enjoyed my twenty-eight years of professional management career, it contributed a lot to me, I met many people who touched my life.

Despite my fear, I followed my call and first took the painting to the priority of my life, then I stepped into the NFT. I can't wait to see what miracles it will bring to me and our world. All I desire is to have real contact with all humanity and to exchange love through my works.

Human life is not perfect. It can be beautiful, flawed, cheerful, vulnerable, awful, and successful. Our greatest strength is our vulnerability being witnessed . Most importantly, I want people to know that they are not alone as being me who I am fragile, emotional, overly empathetic and sometimes stubborn, patient, often melancholic and also childish joy.

My works are intuitive perceptions and symbolic interpretations of the energies of the moment. Blends with a mixture of reality and surrealism. In other words, it comes to a point between being earthly and spiritual, as new age people should be. Thank you for all your support. BE YOURSELF, BE POSITIVE, BE HONEST

NOTE: Price is in etherium


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Ressam /Sanatçı / Yaratıcı Girişimci

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