Ressam / Sanatçı / Yaratıcı Girişimci

TECHNIQUE: The original of the image created with oil and acrylic painting on canvas size of 40*40cm. Than digital manipulation added.


STORY: "In Egyption antique culture the scarabe is a sysmbol of the transformation of subconscious, in other words evolution of a human spirit. This is a sort of alchemy and the beetle itself also transforms waste into beneficial manure. Same as this miracle we can see lot of examples in the nature such as bee transforms flower pollen into honey. The butterfly transforms from an ugly caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly, while the "ugly duck" turns into a swan. The phoenix is ​​reborn from its own ashes. All these miraculous transformations are a message to us, that we have the power to transform even those that seem impossible. Let's transform hate into love, darkness into light, with the fire of love in our hearts."

NOTE: A physical paper print of this NFT will be delivered to 1st NFT collector

Price is in Etherium



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Ressam /Sanatçı / Yaratıcı Girişimci

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