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05-09 November 2022

Historical HÜSREV KETHÜDA BATH located in Ortaköy, one of the most beautiful places in Istanbul, between 5th to 9th November  2022 I will be with you in this unique historical atmosphere with my newest work that you have never seen before in the group exhibition organized by GALERIE D'ART LA VISIONE.

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Painter from Atlantis


With her paintings and messages, she reminds art lovers about love, unity, the importance of inner peace, being one with the creator and believing in our power. And of course the message to all humanity. And she represents the spirit of a time traveler or another advanced civilization, almost in her compositions. In addition to her successful business life, Ms. Küçükçalık reveals the richness of the dream world with her surreal paintings. Hope to share the magic of her brush and pen with us for many years.


Yeşim Anarat

Architecture Journalist Writer


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