Are you looking for answers to questions that you can not answer in your life?

What do you want to know about the purpose of your life ?

Are you ready to move the relationships to a happier spot?

Is it time to see and reveal your hidden potential?

Every one of us come to this word with a treasure which is our birthday. Our birthday;  hour, day, month, year, is our information data bank and is the most valuable key to reveal the secret of our life. In this data bank our relationship dynamics, marriage, children, carrier, healt aspects,  personal characteristics and favorable and unfavorable luck periods are coded.


When we understand the reason and the mechanism and the events appear in our life with this ancient Chinese knowladge called “Four Pillars of Destiny”, we will be able to find better solutions to problems and make better decisions in life. We can understand each other more easly and such mutual understanding will reduce quarrel and conflicts and improve realtionship amoung people and with our family. And this brings peace and harmony to the world.


One who have a life experience can easly say that “luck” and “faith” play significant role during our life. But most of the people look at it as a mystery. However four pillars of destiny and numerology offers  us a system to understand and predict our luck and faith logicaly from a pattern. Therefore it helps us to manage it and make it work better in our favor


Life is a journey of self-recognition!

What if our characteristics, which we can not even confess to ourselves are waiting to be seen and used to build a better life and to live the life which we are supposed to live at pur birth.

If you are looking for answers to your questions that you can not give in your life anymore, and if you are ready to face your destiny and collaborate with it, and if you are ready to hear the inner call of you and live through it I can help you.

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